Chicago IL – Taste of Chicago Festival

Date: July 8, 2022 - July 10, 2022



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The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach – so true! If you want a bite of the delicious cuisines served at Chicago’s best restaurants, come to Taste of Chicago. This is the world’s largest outdoor food festival, held for five days in July every year in the Windy City and its admission is free!

Dozens of restaurants and eating joints participate in this lakefront gastronomic extravaganza which has been a summer staple of this city for over 40 years. It has pop-up spots and food trucks jostling for fame against international cuisines and celebrity chef-inspired creations. 

Along with super enticing fills of all the flavors of the city, there is a mind-boggling variety of activities and events, chef demonstrations, kids activities for aspiring chefs and foodies, artists, games, and so much more. It is like the world’s biggest picnic and you are in the midst of it – flitting from one attraction to another.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do travelers select Sublime Tours USA Bus Tours to travel to the Taste Of Chicago Festival?

They do so for a myriad of reasons!

  1. No parking hassles are a big reason! Enjoy every minute of the Taste of Chicago event without you personally having to worry about finding a parking spot or finding your vehicle after you have enjoyed the Taste of Chicago Festival.
  2. Leave the big city driving to Sublime Tours USA. Don’t stress about the highways or traffic. Relax in comfort as we take you to the Taste of Chicago Festival!
  3. Sublime Tours USA tries our best to provide you with as many creature comforts and amenities as possible. This ensures that you have lots of fun with us and enjoy your tour to the max. 
  4. Our team is excellent – in terms of professionalism, expertise, and dedication. They are also more than prepared at all times to help and assist you with each and every matter and solve any troubles you may encounter.
  5. Sublime Tours USA’s buses are climate controlled with comfortable seating. You will feel supremely relaxed and snug in them, which automatically translates into a better bus trip experience.
  6. We have manageable group sizes, which are kept purposely so to allow us to serve you in a more personalized fashion. As a result, you would never feel ‘lost in a group’ with us.
  7. Sublime Tours USA serves complimentary water in unlimited quantities throughout the bus tour so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. No parched throats with us!

These and many other small and big factors are reasons why Sublime Bus Tours are considered the numero uno choice by travelers from far and wide for their trips to travel destinations all over the country.

What's included with the Taste of Chicago Festival Bus Tour?

Your ticket price to the Taste Of Chicago event will include travel to and from Eastern Kentucky. 

Departure and Return Information for the Taste of Chicago Festival bus trip:

Please note that all bus trips to the Taste Of Chicago event depart and return to Ashland, Kentucky. Click here to learn more about the bus tour Dates For Taste Of Chicago.

What to expect on the Taste of Chicago Festival Bus Tour?

Here are some important details about your Bus trip to the Taste of Chicago Festival:

  1. We offer both non-guided and guided bus tours. If you want to be footloose and fancy-free, you can go for the first option. If you want expert guidance and juicy stories about the tourist spots, our knowledgeable bus trip guides are there for you.
  2. Go light – it would be better just to pack what you think you won’t be able to do without. Comfy clothes, meds, electronics… keep the list short and sweet.

Here are some fascinating things to do on your Taste of Chicago Festival Bus Tour:

  • As mentioned, admission to this amazing Taste Of Chicago event is free. However, you have to buy tickets for food and beverages to munch on bite-sized or full-sized portions of the delicacies offered by the Taste of Chicago vendors.
  • Do enjoy the wares of one-day pop-ups and Taste of Chicago food trucks as well!
  • The Taste of Chicago Menu will include Gator bites: lots of restaurants serve deep-fried alligator bites. You can get them cajun or try them with a side of jalapenos. ‘Biting’ was never so much fun!  
  • A different James Beard Foundation Award winner, semifinalist, or nominee is featured at the Celebrity Chef du Jour pavilion in the evenings. You must buy the tickets for this event as they prepare a delightfully scrumptious three-course dinner for the guests.
  • Spend some time at the Petrillo Music Shell to catch the nightly concerts with an exciting mix of national and international artists. You have two choices – either you can plop down on the lawn for free or buy tickets for seats in the outdoor amphitheater. 

Make plans now to attend this upcoming Taste of Chicago Festival with Sublime Tours USA.

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