New York City Tour (July 2022)

Date: July 22, 2022 - July 24, 2022



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Why should you choose Sublime Tours USA for your next NYC bus tour?

Ah, taking a bus trip with Sublime Tours USA to the ‘City that Never Sleeps.’ This city is the most famous in the entire world. Its rich and diverse culture, ultra-high energy, and extensive entertainment options make it a super exciting place – never a dull moment here! There’s a lot to do and see here when you take a New York City Bus Tour with Sublime Tours USA – from incredible skylines to first-class dining to unbelievable shopping to incredible sightseeing.

New York sees millions of tourists every year. Its allure is irresistible, and many admirers visit it every year to explore its nooks and crannies, discovering hidden treasures everywhere. It is believed that everyone should visit New York City at least once.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about Sublime Tours - bus trips and bus tours

Why do travelers select Sublime Bus Tours for New York City bus trips?

Well, that’s because our only goal is to ensure that you have a supremely great traveling and sightseeing experience with each bus tour. Sublime Tours USA goes the extra mile to achieve every possible comfort and convenience to make your New York City Bus Tour exceptional and return home with many warm memories of your time with us.

Sublime Tours USA has a passionate and energetic team with extensive experience. Our bus tour guides are knowledgeable and happy to share the pertinent information with you. They get on and on the bus tour at every destination to provide you with interesting details that help you enjoy the spot far more than you otherwise would have.

Our fleet of buses is air-conditioned and has extremely comfortable seats. The ambiance of our bus tour is comfortable and cozy. The group size is kept manageable to personalize the bus tour travel experience. This helps us cater to individual requirements with ease and pay attention to your every need.

To add to creature comforts, Sublime Tours USA provides unlimited complimentary water. So you don’t have to worry about feeling dehydrated on your bus tour in New York City at any time.

Before we leave on any bus trip, our service manager thoroughly inspects the bus before signing it off. We truly care for your safety and security and refuse to take any unwarranted chances. 

We are sure all these reasons are more than enough to make you understand why Sublime Tours USA is the number one preference for bus tourists who are fond of traveling in style and comfort.

What's included with the New York City Bus Tour?

Your ticket price will include travel to and from Ashland, KY.

New York City Bus Trip Departure and Return Information

Please note that all bus trips depart and return to and from the Eastern KY area.

What to expect on the New York City Bus Tour?

Here are some important details about your bus trip to New York City:

  1. You have two options – number one is that you take a guided bus tour with us. This will help us to share the tremendous experience of our esteemed guides with you. They will share their treasure house of information and gossip about places and people of the tourist spots and keep you entertained throughout. Number two is you can go around on your own, without the presence of our guides.
  2. Our most sincere advice to you would be to pack only the essentials, such as loose, comfortable clothes, important medicines, and vital electronic items. Why burden yourself unnecessarily when all you need is the desire to explore and the energy to go around doing it?

Here are some fascinating places to see on your bus tour in New York City:

  • You must check out all the famous museums here, from the Guggenheim to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Moving Images, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Those who love history can check out King Manor, the Old Quaker Meeting House, the Conference House, Ellis Island, Federal Hall, Eldridge Street Synagogue, and others. 
  • For a spot of green, you can visit Central Park, which is the biggest public park in the city and one of the largest in the entire world!
  • You can shop till you drop in New York – you simply must visit Fifth Avenue and empty out your wallet on the marvelous purchases you can make here.

If you are ready to see New York City, reserve your spot on our next adventure at Sublime Tours USA!

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