Fun School Bus Tours for Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia

Posted On: 06/02/2022

Every school year, students have been visiting locations other than school and return home at any time during the school year. Field visits to museums, zoos, aquariums, music concerts, plays, workshops, and other cultural events are available for all age groups. Outdoor activities relating to science, history, geography, current lessons, or school curricula. Participating in sports events, games, and clinics frequently necessitates transporting children far from their school. This is one of the times where students won’t ride the usual yellow colored school bus and travel to places and learn at the same time. Here are some of the fun school tours around Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia: 

Ohio Amish Day Trip 

Amish Country in Ohio, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country, is the oldest Amish community in the United States. In Amish Country in Ohio, their lives remain simple and free of the trappings of modern life. You will feel as if you have traveled back to a world that existed a couple of centuries ago when visiting Amish Country in Ohio. 

In Ohio’s Amish region, the Amish people distance themselves from other communities and refuse to use modern technologies such as cell phones. So this is an excellent opportunity for students in the younger generation to witness how life was before. Head onto this link to book your Ohio Amish Day Trip:

New York City Trip

Visiting the most famous city in the world, the ‘City that Never Sleeps’ or more commonly known as New York, is such an experience. Its broad culture, tremendous energy, and diverse entertainment options make it an exciting location; there is never a dull moment! 

Every year, millions of tourists visit New York. So naturally, students would love to stay here since there’s a lot to see and do, from beautiful skylines to first-class eating, great shopping, and incredible sightseeing. Its attraction is irresistible, and many lovers visit it yearly to seek its hidden riches. Therefore, everyone is advised to visit New York City at least once. So book your New York City Trip and make those dreams come true! 

Orlando, FL Disney World Resort Multi-Day

Most travelers ‘bucket lists of places to see include a visit to Disney World in Orlando. Who wouldn’t want to see this amusement park? From lone visitors to couples and families, this Disney World Vacation paradise is the ideal getaway. There are numerous unique Disney World rides and experiences here. So experience the dream you’ve been waiting for and meet all your favorite Disney characters! Even though you are not a kid, you will always have a heart for Disney. 

Get Multi-Day passes with us to the happiest place in the world. Travel with family and friends when going to Disney World. Share stories along the way and catch beautiful sceneries before entering Disneyland. Experience the Disney magic and maximize your visit by riding with Sublime Tours USA. Have a hassle-free trip and a relaxed one. You will surely enjoy this trip and get ready to have an adventure! Book your trip with Sublime Tours USA and enjoy the rides! 


USA Sublime Tours is one of the greatest school tours for students who want to enrich their academics by seeing new places relevant to their intellectual interests. We support students’ interests and help them learn, discover, and find answers to their many questions through our well-organized school trips. 

Sublime Tours has become the primary option for schools wishing to plan the ideal school tour for their children. We ensure that these students will have a very enriching and fascinating experience while traveling with us on the most excellent school bus. Regarding the interior and service we provide, we are confident that our well-trained personnel, great selection of buses, professional drivers, and outstanding customer service will leave you with no choice but to hire us! 

The trips mentioned above are just some of the most thrilling experiences we have, so book a tour with Sublime Tours USA, and you will never go wrong with your decision. Should you wish to check out other available tours, feel free to visit our website. The dates, prices and all information are all there, you just have to choose the place that you wish to visit. Schedule your trips as soon as possible because tickets are starting to run out! 

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