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Sublime Tours Multi-Day Tours For An Affordable Getaway To Exciting Destinations

Sublime Tours is the leading multi-day tours service for those who want to get away from their routine for a few days and have a great time traveling to desirable destinations. We offer exciting and well-planned trips to some of the most popular destinations in the United States, such as Chicago, New York City, Disney World, etc.

If you need a vacation and want to easily plan an affordable getaway to some of the most popular tourist spots, Sublime Tours Multi-Day tours are the best option and start from eastern KY locations such as Lexington KY, or Ashland, Kentucky. We are the preferred choice of families throughout Eastern Kentucky who love to travel and explore places. If you love traveling and road trips from Morehead, KY, Huntington WV, or Eastern KY, we can help your affordable getaway wishes come true. Sublime Tours Multi-Day tours are planned to perfection down to the last detail to deliver a remarkable and memorable experience.

We Handle The Details Of The Multi-Day Bus Tours

That’s right, we handle the details and it’s your job to sit back, relax and enjoy. If you’re searching for something to do, check out our events, select a destination, and this will be the easiest trip, getaway, or vacation you’ve ever experienced.

Sublime Tours provides excellence and pays attention to every little detail to create a great experience on your multi-day bus tour. From beginning to end, the comfort of the ride, the food, the accommodations and of course, the destination are all well-planned to provide you with an amazing vacation that is still affordable!

Discover Affordable Adventures with Sublime Tours: Multi Day Bus Tours

At Sublime Tours, we provide multi-day bus tours with package deals ideal for couples, families, friends, or solo travel. Sublime Tours provides multi-day tours that are hassle-free and fun. It’s our responsibility to take care of everything and it’s your job to have fun, be the guest and the tourist.


Our goal is to provide an affordable opportunity for you to sight-see, experience an exciting destination, and make a dream come true. We love what we do and are passionate about helping you save money on travel and make amazing memories!

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Church Tours

We are the top choice of churches seeking a travel experience as a church group, seniors group, or youth group in and around Lexington, KY and the Eastern Kentucky region. We put your comfort and convenience at the top of our priority list to make sure you have a wonderful experience with a church group […]

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Our Red Eye bus tours from Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia run into the night. You'll want to bring items that make the ride comfortable for optimal sleeping or at least resting.

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Bus Tours Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multi-Day bus tour?

Multi-Day tours are affordable vacation getaway packages spread out over two to three days or more, with overnight accommodations included as a part of the affordable mini trip. The bus tour package will take you to top-rated tourist destinations. Most multi-day tours come with an accommodation feature and other perks such as meals and leave from Ashland, Kentucky, or the Eastern Kentucky region. Multi-day tours are ideal because they are affordable vacations packed full of fun. However, if you are a lone ranger, come aboard and enjoy a wonderfully organized multi-day tour with fellow travelers.

How does a multi-day bus tour work?

A multi-day tour takes you to a planned exciting destination with stops along the way for travelers to take breaks or enjoy a meal. The affordable bus tour is scheduled for a minimum of two days or more. Sublime Tours provide a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy an affordable vacation that has everything well planned for your enjoyment and convenience. All you have to do is show up at the right time in the Eastern Kentucky meeting location and enjoy the affordable multi-day tour that has been planned with Sublime Tours.

What are the advantages of doing a multi-day bus tour?

For travelers, a fun-filled multi-day bus tour is one of the best ways of taking an exciting and affordable vacation getaway. These enjoyable bus tours are planned for more than one day and will cover the top tourist destinations that people can experience in absolute leisure and comfort. You just have to go with the flow and bask in the stops along the way to the destination. When you arrive at your impressive destination, you’ll get priority access and have an affordable getaway as guests because they anticipate your arrival. One of the biggest advantages of a Sublime Tours Multi-Day Bus Tour is that it saves you time and money. If you had planned to visit these places alone, you would be spending more time, energy, and money making the memorable getaway happen. So book your spot on the next amazing multi-day bus tour with Sublime Tours!

Who are your multi-day bus tour customers?

We super-serve Lexington, Kentucky, Ashland, Kentucky, and other areas throughout Eastern Kentucky and are the favorite multi-day bus tour service of people from all walks of life. We get reservations from groups wanting a multi-day trip, families, solo travelers, senior citizens, couples, youth groups, and friends that want to take advantage of the opportunity for an affordable and exciting getaway with our multi-day tours. 

Where do we board the bus for the Multi-Day tour?

We operate our unforgettable multi-day tours throughout Eastern Kentucky and from the following locations:

Ashland KY

Grayson KY

Huntington WV

Lexington KY

Morehead KY


You will find the arrival and return times and location detailed in our multi-day bus tour communication with you and on your multi-day tour digital tickets after booking your multi-day bus tour. We pride ourselves in providing excellence with everything we do and take care of everything so you can travel affordably and in comfort with Sublime Tours. You just have to show up at the right place and the right time, and we will make sure you have the time of your life when you choose Sublime Tours multi-day tours.

Why choose Sublime Bus Tours Multi-Day Tour?

Sublime Bus Tours is a name synonymous with excellence, quality, comfort, and affordability. We offer well-planned multi-day tours. Unplug in our cozy reclining seats as much as you like or be accessible as we are equipped with 4G LTS WI-FI, power outlets, a DVD player, and more.

Sublime Tours offers outstanding and industry-leading bus trips, customer service and excellent multi-day bus tours, which will exceed your expectations every time you travel with us on our fun-filled multi-day tours. 

Browse our upcoming multi-day bus tours and select the destinations that sound the most fun! Sublime Tours looks forward to providing you with memorable and affordable traveling experiences with our multi-day bus tours.