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You have reached the right place if you are looking for a bus tour that delivers a memorable travel experience. Sublime Tours is a premium travel service committed to providing an exciting and fun-filled travel experience without being too harsh on your wallet. Our affordable bus tour is the perfect choice for an unforgettable family outing to your favorite travel destinations in Lexington, KY, and the beautiful tri-state area.

Sublime Tours is the top choice of families and individuals looking for an affordable bus tour to make their bus trip truly enjoyable. We are the leading providers of affordable bus tours from the Tri-State-Area of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. Count on Sublime Tours to take you to some of the top travel destinations in our country. Call us to plan a bus tour to New York City, Washington D.C, Chicago, Nashville, Niagara Falls, and other popular vacation spots. We promise you a fun-filled experience where you will make memories.

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Sublime Tours offers one of the best school tours for students looking to add value to their academics by exploring new destinations pertinent to their intellectual needs. We have many years of experience organizing school tours for students from Lexington, KY, to Eastern Kentucky. Through our well-organized school tours, we ignite curiosity in the students […]

Church Tours

We are the top choice of churches seeking a travel experience as a church group, seniors group, or youth group in and around Lexington, KY and the Eastern Kentucky region. We put your comfort and convenience at the top of our priority list to make sure you have a wonderful experience with a church group […]

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Sublime Tours is the leading multi-day tours service for those who want to get away from their routine for a few days and have a great time traveling to desirable destinations. We offer exciting and well-planned trips to some of the most popular destinations in the United States, such as Chicago, New York City, Disney […]

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Bus Tours Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Red Eye bus tour?

A Red Eye bus tour is a trip that’s scheduled to depart at night and arrive at the preferred destination the next morning. Many passengers prefer traveling at night to arrive at their destination after enjoying a whole night’s sleep and enjoying an extra day. Red Eye bus tours are popular among tourists as it saves them time and a night’s accommodation. When you travel on Sublime Tours Red Eye bus tour, you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on the best seats without suffering travel fatigue. You can arrive at your exciting destination in great shape, ready to enjoy a fun-filled day ahead.

How does a Red Eye bus tour work?

A Red Eye bus tour means a trip is scheduled to begin late at night and arrive at your destination the next morning. This is designed to save you time so that you can save one whole day of traveling and enjoy exploring your destination even longer. Red Eye bus tours are popular among entrepreneurs and tourists who want to make the most of their time. A well-organized Red Eye bus tour such as the one by Sublime Tours allows them to catch up on their sleep on the road. They can arrive at their destination feeling fresh and bright after a good night’s sleep on seats designed to maximize their comfort.

What are the advantages of doing a Red Eye bus tour?

For travelers, a Red Eye bus tour is a time-saver. These tours start late at night and are scheduled to reach the destination the next morning. As travelers are on the road for the night, they can sleep comfortably in the luxury buses and arrive in great shape at their chosen destination the next morning. The most significant advantage of doing a Red Eye bus tour is that you can save a whole day which can be spent exploring more places. It helps add more value to your bus tour vacation time. In addition, Red Eye bus tours are more affordable than regular bus tours. So you can save time and money too.

Who are your Red Eye bus tour customers?

We serve the Eastern KY area and are the favorite bus tour service of vacationers, business owners, and people from all walks of life. We are the top choice of individuals and families looking for affordable vacations. Our Red Eye bus tours are affordable and conveniently scheduled to deliver the most comfortable and convenient travel experience to our valued customers. Many of our customers return to us to relive their previous experiences because we ensure they have a great time on our well-maintained luxury buses and exciting fun-filled bus tour getaways and destinations. Our customer service is rated among the best in the industry.

Where do we board the bus for the Red Eye tour?

We operate our Red Eye bus tours from

  • Lexington KY
  • Ashland KY
  • Morehead KY
  • Huntington WV
  • Grayson KY
  • Eastern KY
  • Ashland, Kentucky
  • Eastern Kentucky

Your pickup point is mentioned on your bus tour ticket and in the other bus tour travel details mentioned in our communication. Make sure you reach the bus tour pickup point early or on time to enjoy a convenient and comfortable Red Eye bus tour experience with us.

Why choose Sublime Bus Tours Red Eye Tour?

Sublime Bus Tours is a name synonymous with excellence, quality, comfort, and affordability. We offer the best luxury motor coaches, comfortable reclining seats, 4G LTE WI-FI, power outlets, DVD player, and lots more. Above all, we offer our outstanding and industry-leading customer service, which will exceed your expectations every time you travel with us on our Red Eye bus tours. When you want excellence delivered throughout your bus tour from beginning to end with a remarkable experience, choose Sublime Tours for affordable, fun-filled bus tours where you can make memories to cherish for a lifetime!